As an apprentice, I’ve been working at Laser Graphics Digital Ltd for two years, I spent one of those years doing an apprenticeship in Digital Marketing. Digital Marketing uses marketing techniques through services like social media, websites and emails. And through my apprenticeship I have learned many little tricks and tips on how to help progress small and larger businesses. For example tracking and analysing website data, keeping your social media up to date and weekly emails informing clients of your current and new products or any major business changes.

The team allowed me to study and implement my course into the business allowing me to help with things involving social media and emails and many other things, this has allowed me to gain experience and knowledge for the future as the online market continues to grow. Aside from doing my digital marketing course i’ve been working on print production, the experience I’ve gained has been incredible, I was able to pick everything up so simply and once you learn everything about print finishing and production not everything becomes a challenge and it’s like riding a bike, you never forget no matter how little or often you do something.