Encapsulating is an ideal way to preserve and strengthen your posters, signs, artwork and photos. It is available in Matt or Gloss at either 125 micron per side (250 micron thick) or super thick 250 micron per side (500 micron thick).

Encapsulation uses a sheet of clear plastic. It can also extend beyond the print by around 5-10mm sealing the paper within the sheet of plastic – a waterproof seal – more protective than laminate and is waterproof. This finish is used for items like ID badges, menus, posters, flyers, placemats, maps, notices and more – any environment where you want to ensure long lasting prints with the ability to wipe clean too.

Lamination – for that high quality, corporate look and feel

For a really spectacular finish to achieve maximum impact consider lamination. This adds a high silk sheen to your print and really makes photographs and images sing out. Available in Matt, Gloss and Soft Touch finishes, lamination is very popular for brochures and presentation folders – both a speciality of ours.

Don’t Overlook the Importance of Rounded Corners!

The thicker the encapsulation or laminate used, the more rigid the finished piece becomes, creating a sharp 90-degree corner which is more likely to cause a skin puncture or other injury. With a rounded corner finish, your items are not only safer to handle, they also have a more finished look.